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50mm casement window system

Advantage of Eeconomic solution 50mm casement window series.  

  1. Material saving : compare with 60mm window frame and sash , 50mm window frame and sash saving 20% PVC profiles and steel reinforcement.
  2. More light : For small window , if use big profiles , less glass space and get less light, 50mm with small section , makes room more bright.
  3. Good appearance: Round corner design ,  looks smooth and peacefful.
  4. Easy to install : Less weight  easy to move and installation.
  5. Easy to open and close , more easy than 60mm series
  6. Saving , but not loss any function .50mm window system

Perfiles de PVC Ventanas en Guatemala

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Perfile de PVC para Ventanas en Guatemala.

PVC Ventana y puertas , Macos, China fabrica , Winstar .

Since 1999, we have 18 years experience , and sell our products in centeral and south America such as Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Chile etc

Our profiles with wood grain color , laminated film from Renolit, LG hausys and other international brand, with guarantee of color 10 years , and profiles 30 years in normal purpose used ,  compare
with veka , rehau , our products have competitive in price and  similar quality

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60mm casement classic upvc window profiles

The feather of 60MM casement series :
1. Popular in the world , you can find hardware and accessories every where and not worry about matching problems.
2. Full sections for all style of window door profiles , more than 30 sections which included decoration bars , corner , joint pipes , mullion covers etc.


80mm Sliding PVC Window Door Profiles

The feather of 80mm Sliding  series of PVC window door profiles

  1. Light weight:
           Compare with 82 or 88mm sliding series , 80mm sliding series  PVC window door profiles have a visible wall thickness 2.0mm for main profiles , saving more than 15% material in weight.
     2. Affordable price :

         Except the weight of profiles , for economic solution products , the price is affordable too.  For low income commmon house and temporary container houses , high quality products with 30-40 years use time is waste material and moeny. We offer common quality products to meet this requirement. Form  10 years  to 20 years use time , you can saving another 30% money on material.

3. Quality Control :

Even common quality products , we have strictly quality control also.  The wall thickness, strength and color of profiles have experienced workers and QC to control , gurantee normal used.


High Quality UV proof pvc window door profiles

Feathers of Products:

Ivory White Color PVC window and door profiles with special surface treatment

1. Specail UV proof design formula.

The back ground white or colored PVC profiles use special UV proof material , anti color fading and aging , meanwhile , exterior surface use colorful ASA plastic co-extrusion or PDVF wood grain film laminated . We can give 10 years color guarantee for this advanced surface treatment profiles.

2. Colorful and attractive surface

The surface of profiles can be original , flat co-extrusion , emboss co-extrusion , Wood grain co-extrusion and wood grain film laminated , there have more than 100 color partten can be choose.

3. High Quality , Durable than 30 years

We use all vargin materials to produce PVC profiles , all raw  material was buy from famous suppliers , too keep quality  stablity.

Winstar series PVC profiles have more than 80% PVC resin in formula , but other common band cheap products even less than 60% PVC resin and most of them are recycled maerial.

4. Compititive Price :

Our Winstar brand  products meet the European Union DIN EN  and America AAMA Stand ,  compare with Rehau , Veka , LG Hausys ,  same quality stand products  , our price  is more than  20% cheaper  .




Wood Laminate PVC profiles

We own 6 liminated product lines ,  have PVC profiles laminate capacity of  5000 tons  per year .   We co-operated with  world well known film brand like  Renolit ,  LG Hausys , Haogenplast etc , offer more than 100 color patten, like golden oak , Rustic oak , Cherry Wood , Walnut ,  Pine wood  and so on

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