80mm Sliding PVC Window Door Profiles

The feather of 80mm Sliding  series of PVC window door profiles

  1. Light weight:
           Compare with 82 or 88mm sliding series , 80mm sliding series  PVC window door profiles have a visible wall thickness 2.0mm for main profiles , saving more than 15% material in weight.
     2. Affordable price :

         Except the weight of profiles , for economic solution products , the price is affordable too.  For low income commmon house and temporary container houses , high quality products with 30-40 years use time is waste material and moeny. We offer common quality products to meet this requirement. Form  10 years  to 20 years use time , you can saving another 30% money on material.

3. Quality Control :

Even common quality products , we have strictly quality control also.  The wall thickness, strength and color of profiles have experienced workers and QC to control , gurantee normal used.